Top 5 Exotic Sports Cars in the World

With years and years of secrecy and anticipated speculation, this list of the most luxurious sports cars on the market is sure to fascinate readers and entice those in the market for a new luxurious or exotic sports car. The industry has revealed an overload of best sports cars that are sure to intrigue and dazzle car buyers of all ages, across the world. Year after year people wait in quiet anticipation of the forthcoming special edition cars that will showcase the market with top of the line innovative designs and state of the art mechanics.

Topping the top five list of all-time favorite luxurious sport cars is the ever-popular exquisite Ferrari LaFerrari billed as not only a sports car, or an exotic sports car, but rather the king of all exotic sports cars out there. Another visible presence on this unique list is the world renowned Porsche 918 that is not only exotic looking on the outside and inside, but this near to million-dollar super sport car boasts with an overly attractive, ultra-futuristic look.

Photo source: Pinterest

Continuing on this spectacular list, we find the Lamborghini Huracan with its bad-ass attitude that gives a completely new meaning to exotic. Offering a severe and elegant design, with its innovative stealth fighter-like cockpit interior, purchasers can only delight in this overly eye-catching vehicle chock full of power.

For the somewhat conservative minded exotic “sportsaholic” car lover we take note of the Jaguar F-type with its sharp handling, and magnificent styling that presents with an incredibly desirable convertible. This vehicle is every bit as intense as it is luxurious and definitely dubbed as one of the favorite premium sports cars available on the market today.

Finishing off the top five list of best sports car is yet another innovative cutting-edge premium sports car that is both hypnotic and elegant; the Porsche Cayman is truly everything that drivers would expect from a premium sports car. Its pleasing precision renders it to be one of the most satisfying cars on the market today and finds its way into the parking garages of elite car purchasers around the world.